Welcome to this site. My name is Inge Casemier(6-9-48). To me painting is not just art,but also a craft. I learned painting by taking lessons, by studying old masters intensively and by thoughtful copying of many Vermeer-paintings, of which I also made my own variations. As a realist I want to make inspired images,that appeal to imagination. For most of my still-live paintings I make use of simple, thrown-away objects to be found at the jumble sale.Under the motto 'from worthless to valuable' I try to inspire those dead objects with new life. An important theme in my realistic work is my interpretation of typical Dutch symbols,like the Royal Family and our former money,now replaced by the Euro. I also like doing portraits, both of people and animals.I prefer using photographs, made by myself.Those pictures are just a basis for interpretation; the resulting painting never is just a copy of the photo. I am available for commissions. I am looking forward to reactions to my work.For such reactions-and questions-you are invited to email me.